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Famous Hue Food To Eat Before You Leave

1. Hue Beef noodle (Bún bò Huế)

In comparision with Phở – a well-knwon food of Viet Nam, Bun Bo hue or Hue beef noodle brings a completely different flavor.

Bun Bo Hue’s typical flavors are spicy, hot and in the essence of lemongrass. Bun Bo Hue is served with various veggies and herbs like bean sprouts, shredded banana flower, shredded cabbage and lettuce. Unlike Pho with flat rice noodles, Hue beef noodle are made from round thick noodles.

Bun Bo Hue is so good that you can’t stand on eating one bowl but two. You would love this dish from the first spoom.

Famous Hue Food To Eat Before You Leave

Where to eat:

Bun Bo Hue

  • Add: 14 Ly ThuongKiet, Hue city
  • Opening hours: 6.00 AM- 9.00 AM

Bun Bo Ba Tuyet

  • Add: 37 Nguyen Cong Tru
  • Opening hours: 6.00 AM- 9.00 AM
Bun Bo Hue Restaurant
19 Lý Thường Kiệt Phú Nhuận tp. Huế Huế, Vietnam
Opening time: 06:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Bun Bo Hue Restaurant is one of the best place in Town to enjoy the authentic Bun, a very popular food of Vietnamese, especially for breakfast.

2. Mussel rice (Cơm Hến)

In the past, com hen or mussel rice was a food just for poor people and it was almost sold by street vendors. Nowadays, mussel rice becomes a specialty that everyone visiting Hue wish to try it out. The hardest step of cooking mussel rice is sifting and winnowing the boiled mussels to split off the shell and the sand inside mussels. Afterwards, mussels will be stir-fried with chopped garlic, onion, fish sauce, pepper and a bunch of minced fragrant khot weed. Steamed rice is mix with seasoned stir-fried mussels with toppings of shrimp pate, chili sauce and roasted peanuts. At the end, you just need to fully enjoy how good mussel rice is.

Famous Hue Food To Eat Before You Leave

Where to eat:

Hen island ( Cồn Hến) area.

  • You should choose local food stalls on Con Hen, Vi Da, Hue city
  • Opening hours: 8.00 am- 8.30 pm

Com Hen Truong Dinh

  • Add: 02 Truong Dinh st, Hue City
  • Opening time: 06:00 AM – 13:00 PM

Com Hen Truong Dinh is one of the most famous eating spot of local. It’s best known for its excellent Com Hen, a great food you must try in Hue

3. Spring roll with grilled pork (bánh ướt thịt nướng)

Spring roll with grilled pork is a favorite dish to many tourists but not many of them know exactly how to make that dish. The soft rice paper covering the moist grilled pork and vegetable which is dip in special sauce gives you a scrumptious taste at the very first bite. The sauce is not normal fish sauce. It is a thick sauce made of minced pig’s liver, chopped garlic, roasted sesame and a little oil and salt. The combination of rice paper, pork, vegetables and sauce brings to eaters a sentation of taste.

Famous Hue Food To Eat Before You LeaveWhere to eat:

Huyen Anh (huyền anh) restaurant

  • Add: 52/4 Kim Long, Hue ( on the way to Thien Mu pagoda or heaven lady pagoda)
  • Opening hours: 9.00 AM- 9.00 PM

Hong Quang restaurant

  • Add: 74 Kim Long street, Hue city.
  • Opening hours: 6.30 AM – 10.00 PM

4. Bot Loc cake (Bánh bột lọc)

Bot loc cake is a popular savory cake in Hue and it is famous around the country. This cake is made of tapioca with shrimp and pork which is wrapped in banana leaf. The cake is little bit tough but moist and soft together with the scent of banana leaf and savory taste. How to eat this dish? It’s simple! Use your hands. You just need to peel the banana leaf and dip the cake into sweet fish sauce then happily taste this dish with uncontrollable joy.

Famous Hue Food To Eat Before You Leave

Where to eat :

Ba Me restaurant

  • Add: 45 Vo Thi Sau street, Hue city
  • Opening hours: 9.00 AM- 9.00 PM

Ba Do restaurant

  • Add: 71 Nguyen Binh Khiem, Hue city
  • Opening hours: 9.00 AM- 9.00 PM

Ba Do Restaurant is a popular local restaurant featuring the various must – try dumplings and savoury “cakes” of Hue.

5. Vietnamese Pancake (Bánh khoai Huế)

Another beloved savory cake in Hue is Khoai cake. This cake has a beautiful saffron color because it is made of rice flour together with egg yolk and saffron juice. This dish looks like pancake at first sight; dough is poured into a small pan with an addition of shrimps and soya sprouts on top. When the cake is well cooked they fold it in half of circle. Khoai cake is served with vegetables and fish sauce.

Famous Hue Food To Eat Before You Leave

Where to eat:

Banh Khoai Lac Thien

  • Add: 6 DinhTien Hoang st, Hue city.
  • Opening hours: 8.00 AM – 10.00 PM

Banh Khoai Hanh

  • Add: 11 Pho Du Chinh st, Hue city.
  • Opening hours: 8.00 AM- 10.00 PM

Banh Khoai Lac Thien is the most famous spot in town serving the best Banh Khoai, a signature dish of the central region.

6. Sweet soup (Chè)

Sweet soup is a part of Hue’s culture. There are dozens of sweet soup types in different ingredients, colors, forms and tastes. The popular ingredients in Hue sweet soup are green peas, small red beans, black eye peas, lotus seeds and some kind or fruits and flour. Though there are many types of sweet soups, you can divide them into two main kinds: the royal sweet soup and alley sweet soup. Both types have original outstanding flavors that you can’t stop eating.

Famous Hue Food To Eat Before You Leave

Where to eat:

Che Hem

  • Add: on the alley of 29 Hung Vuong st
  • Opening hours: 8.00 AM- 9.00 PM

Che Sao

  • Add: 60 Phan Chu Trinh streetst, Hue city
  • Opening hours: 8.00 AM- 10.00 PM

Che is a part of Hue’s culture. If you have a chance to visit Hue, have Che on your top list or you will miss a big part of Vietnamese cuisine picture.

7. Fertimented Pork skewer (Nem lụi)

You will definitely fall in love with this dish as the first skwer. Cheap, delicious, filling and widely available are what people describe fertimented pork skwer. The pork meat is cut into pieces, fertimented and then grilled on a small charcoal bowl. It sounds a simple process but you need to put much attention to make a hand-to-mouth pork skewer. In addition, eating Nem lui with vegetables balances the Ying yang taste which plays a vital role in every Vietnamese foods.

Famous Hue Food To Eat Before You Leave

Where to eat:

Tai Phu Restaurant

  • Add: Tai Phu Restaurant 1, Đường Điện Biên Phủ, TP Huế, Tỉnh Thừa Thiên Huế Vietnam
  • Open hours: 09:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Tai Phu Restaurant serve the best Nem lụi or lemongrass skewers in Town. It’s great place for people seeking the best local food at cheap price.

8. Thick noodles soup (Bánh canh)

Hue is the homeland of thick noodles soup. A trip to Hue is not completed whitout Banh Canh. The vermicelli used in Bánh Canh is made from rice flour or tapioca and it is quite chewy and thick with the nutty taste of flour. Depending on what kinds of ingredients you choose (crab, fish, pork, shrimp, etc.), Banh Canh has a unique and outstanding flavor.

Famous Hue Food To Eat Before You Leave

Where to eat:

Banh Canh Ba Doi

  • Add: 71 Nguyen Traist, Hue city
  • Opening hours: 6.00 AM- 9.00 PM

Banh Canh Cua Roi

  • Add: 30 Pham Hong Thai st, Hue city
  • Opening hours: 6.00 AM- 9.00 PM

Banh Canh Ba Doi or Ba Doi’s Restaurant is a famous eating place of local. It serve the best Banh Canh, a must try food in Hue

9. Royal cuisine (Ẩm Thực Cung Đình)

These are some great spots where you can try this special cuisine of Viet nam. As its name refers, royal cuisine is what used to be served in royal families. For its attentive service and high quality, royal cuisine is more costly than the lcoal foods.

Actually royal cuisine is popular food of the locals that are elevated to a higher standard by skillful chefs. The ingredients used in royal dishes are usually delicacies like swallow’s nest, shark’s fin, abalone, holothrian, horse meat and more.

You eat what you pay so don’t be bother paying a little bit to enjoy a royal meal as the Vietnamese Kings and Queens in the past.

Famous Hue Food To Eat Before You Leave

Where to try it :

Royal Park Restaurant

  • Add: 38 Nguyen Sinh Sac St, Hue
  • Opening hours: 7.00 AM- 11.00 PM

Tinh Gia Vien restaurant

  • Add: 20/3 Le Thanh Ton street, Hue city
  • Opening hours: 11.00 AM- 10.30 PM

Y Thao Garden restaurant

  • Add: 3rd Thach Han st, Hue
  • Opening hours: 10.00 AM- 10.30 PM

Royal Park Restaurant brings to food lovers the traditional ambience of Vietnamese Royal through the food served and unique service.

10. Vegetarian food

Hue is widely known as the Buddihst city in Viet Nam. This is why vegetarian food is familiar to many locals. You can be surprised to see many food stall and restaurants serving vegetarian food on the first and the fifteenth day of every lunar month. From the natural ingredients that can be easily found in any local markets, cooks make some of the best vegetarian food that you just want to eat more and more.

Famous Hue Food To Eat Before You Leave

Bo De restaurant

  • Add: 11 Le Loist, Hue
  • Opening hours: 07.00 AM- 10.00 PM

Lien Hoa Restaurant

  • Add: 03 Le Qui Don St, Hue
  • Opening hours: 6.30 AM – 9.00 PM

Tinh Tam restaurant

  • Add: 04 Chu Van An street, Hue
  • Opening hours: 7.00 AM – 10.00 PM
Bo De restaurant offers a tranquil riverside setting and tasty Vietnamese vegetarian fare with friendly staff and nice ambience

Hue seems to be an enchanting city which entirely satisfies your stomach with its diverse food background. Once travelling to Hue, don’t forget to miss any mentioned food above. You will surely have a great time exploring local foods in this little city.

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